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If you’re an executor or personal representative for an estate you have a LOT of responsibilities, paperwork, communication and to-do items. There are important decisions to be made and there are often difficult conversations with family members and heirs. You’re doing the best you can to manage it all against the emotional backdrop of losing a loved one.

And if the estate has real estate, your role is MUCH more complex and time-consuming. There are choices regarding the property. Do you keep it, rent it, sell it? If you’re selling it, do you just want to get it over with no matter the financial hit or do you want to strategically maximize the value the estate receives for the property? How do you best fulfill your legal responsibilities to the estate?

While you may only have to deal with probate real estate once (thank goodness!), we’re probate real estate experts – this is what we do.

We’d like to help you through this journey from start to finish.